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Hello and welcome to, a personal website where I continuously feature my photographs. Over the last few years this site has gotten me more feedback then I could've imagined. I've recieved e-mails from people all over the world, and it's really great to read how different people interpret different images. I hope you will enjoy my photographs as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Seen my photos somewhere? I am kindly asking all visitors to inform me if they see my photographs published somewhere. If you are an editor of photo magazine, send me an e-mail requesting to publish the photos and you'll get them in print-optimized size.  Please, don't steal the photos. If you have a commercial project, I'll give them away at a really symbolic price or free of cost. If you want to use them for a non-profit project, you'll most likely get them for free.


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You can now buy any of the photographs featured on my site, at very popular prices. For more info, contact me - the address is on the contact page.




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I finally got around to code and upload the movie which was a part of "Osijek - a love story" project.



You can just play it here or click this link to view it in bigger resolution. To-do list: fix the sound on video. Currently this version doesen't have the text parts, but they're in Croatian so if you're not familiar with the langugage you might actually preffer this version. For Croatian folks, download the movie here (18MB file) and play it in any video player - hopefully the sound should be ok.


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